Digital Marketing

Social Media Optimization (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc)


Social Media is an essential part of any digital strategy and online marketing effort. The concept of social media optimization basically refers to the process of quietly engaging your audience with your service, product, idea and promoting your business through social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogs etc. These channels are powerful & very cost effective and are capable of driving sizable traffic and attention to your website. Social media is an extremely useful tool to get product promotions, information, offers all ingrained in the chain of networking world. As a social media marketing company, Gridaxis Softwares takes care of following services.

Facebook & Google+ Marketing:

  • Creating a Facebook Page (with a banner).
  • Posting images and commenting frequently.
  • Hosting discussions on Facebook Page.
  • Publishing advertisement , reports, deciding the target audience.
  • Creating and managing an Event.
  • Creating and publishing new cover image every week.
  • Building followers.

LinkedIn & Twitter Marketing:

  • Profile Creation.
  • Groups Creation.
  • Post & commenting frequently.
  • Publishing advertisement , reports, deciding the target audience..
  • Network's creation.
  • Building followers.
  • Expected 50 new connections per month.

YouTube Marketing:

  • Creating channel on YouTube.
  • Managing channel on YouTube.
  • Adding new videos.
  • Promoting particular videos through Adwords.
  • Creating e-brochures.